ProjectQRRestore, Inc. seeks to bring the SUPERFUND engineering project model to blue-carbon restoration. Once municipal permits are obtained through our science-government circles, our teams will delineate a site, and cordon this off from watersports and industry.
    Plant seagrass meadows underwater
    Reforest coastal mangroves
    Carpet the seabeds with our marine seabed substrate developed in-house from Caribbean sargassum
    Propagate coral polyps asexually and sexually

This complementary approach will go further than isolated methods in this space and the modules will support each other to reseed marine biodiversity that hopefully will not need human intervention one day.

1. Marine seabed substrate (developed in house)

2. Seagrass meadows

3. Coastal mangrove infrastructure

4. Coral Microfragmentation - Asexual Reproduction

5. Coral Propagation - Sexual Reproduction

Our process objectives

The solution objectives are embedded in a number of process objectives